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    Hiram Guest

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    Good morning all! Is it possible to selectively hid rows in an HTML table? I have a page with 2 frames it in and currently both have a title row. The title row is needed in both right now to make both tables line up correctly, but I do not need the second title row to be seen. So, it is at all possible to have the row there defined, just not visible??<BR><BR>Thanks in advance to all that offer suggestions/answers.

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    RobT Guest

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    Gonna depend on 1 thing. Are you using a colored border around the table? If so the border will appear.<BR><BR>If not make the &#060;TR&#062; the same background color as the page.<BR>&#060;TR bgcolor="white"&#062;<BR>if the background is white.<BR><BR><BR>Rob<BR><BR>

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    Hiram Guest

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    Nice idea, but won&#039;t quite work due to the height of this table row. This would make too much white space appear at the top of the table and they won&#039;t go for that.

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