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    I am sending an image from a Java applet to an ASP page. The image is sent as a form (multipart/form-data). I am trying to get hold of the image by using Request.ReadBinary:<BR><BR>Dim binread<BR>Dim bytecount<BR><BR>bytecount = Request.TotalBytes<BR>binread = Request.BinaryRead(bytecount)<BR><BR>However, I can not get anything from the binread array. What I want is to save it to disc, but at this time I can&#039;t get anything of it. The image is sent, as the Request.TotalBytes is correct.

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    There are a number of articles on how to accept uploaded images through an ASP page:<BR><BR><BR>Specifically, you can use an all-ASP script approach:<BR><BR><BR>Or you can use a component:<BR><BR><BR>hth

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