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    Rafael Flores Guest

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    Hello guys,<BR>I&#039;m working with SQL Server 2000 and I execute an stored procedure wich code is:<BR><BR>CREATE PROCEDURE IntroduirComentari<BR> @idLocal int = NULL,<BR> @NomUsuari nvarchar(50) = NULL,<BR> @Comentari ntext = NULL,<BR> @IdIdioma int = NULL,<BR> @PerfilUsuari int = NULL,<BR> @IpUsuari nvarchar(20) = NULL<BR>AS<BR> INSERT INTO comentari (IdLocal, NomVotant, Comentari, IdIdioma, idPerfil, DataComentari, Vigent) VALUES (@idLocal,@NomUsuari,@Comentari,@IdIdioma,@PerfilU suari, getdate(), 1)<BR>GO<BR><BR>It don&#039;t works ok, it is executing for a long time and then it retrives me and erro wich says that the waiting time has been exceeded.<BR><BR>Please, any idea??<BR>Million thanks.

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    Check the code that occurs prior to the stored procedure, on a glance it looks like you have a possible infinite loop in your code somewhere. The proc looks fine to me, maybe if you supplied the asp code that is associated with the Sproc

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    Rafael Flores Guest

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    Well,<BR>I have proved the stored procedure from the query analizer and it is executing the query for a long time too, I had to stop it all times I proved..

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