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    Hi! I have a problem with users regional settings for decimal place. <BR>In my form I take a value in string format, then I clean it with cdbl function and then I put it in SQL Update statement:<BR>strSQL = "UPDATE TableA SET Field1 = " & cdbl(FormField1,2), Field2 = ....<BR><BR>If user have decimal delimiter set to "." (dot) result is OK. Some of my users came from countries where delimiter is set to ","(comma). In this case SQL String isn&#039;t correct. I fixed this problem with replacing comma to dot ( Rsql = Rsql & " SET PE1 = " & replace(cdbl(RFPE1.value),",",".") ), but I think, that this is not universal solution. <BR>Any ideas?<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>

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    Your only other option is to get the users to tell you which country they are in, and then set the LCID to the correct one for that country.<BR><BR>E.g If they are in France, Session.LCID=1036 will make the system work with French style numbers (i.e. ten thousand = 10.000)

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