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    Al Bear Guest

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    Is there a way ion the code to execute code on a exact error. and if so has any one got an exanmple?

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    Toine Guest

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    That depends how big the error is.<BR>If it&#039;s a huge one, there&#039;s no way to display the error msg (your brother will just not find the page)<BR>If it&#039;s a script error, you can choose (in your ASP&#039;s options) to display a page with a sentence (The server reported an error, contact your admin for ex), a error msg (ASP error) or a detailed error msg, indicating the error type, its location and so on (which is the default option of every IIS server)<BR><BR>So have a look at your IIS documentation ! (it&#039;s not worth it!)

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    Well to a degree at least. Turn off the default error handling then test for the value of err.number<BR><BR>On Error Resume Next&#039; Turn off default error handling<BR>&#039;&#039;&#039; these are the lines where an "expected" error may occur<BR>If err.Number = Xyz then<BR> Response.Write "An error has occured. Please stop messing around and use the page in the way you were instructed to."<BR>End If<BR>On Error Resume Next &#039; Turn default error handling back on again

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    Thanks your a star!

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