I have a modal dialog box on a site I&#039;m using to collect information from the user. What&#039;s the easiest way to submit this information to the parent window so it can be processed on the server? I&#039;m mainly asking because this seems like a _very_ common use of modal dialogs.<BR><BR>I&#039;ve hacked a little something together. I basically construct a dictionary of all the form elements in the modal dialog and return it when the dialog is closed. I then construct a querystring in javascript from the form elements and set the document.location property to the newly constructed string.<BR><BR>This technique has several major drawbacks, most notably ...sensitive information can&#039;t be passed using this technique (It should be in the post data not the get data). Among other things: it&#039;s tedious, hard to test, and error prone. There has to be a better way?<BR><BR>Scratching his head,<BR>Jeremy Lowery<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>