Hi there, i&#039;m still trying to find a way to validate a set of readio buttons which have been written to a session variable.<BR>I can validate all those buttons that have no values and write out a message to the user to fill those in. However i&#039;m trying to find a way to check if all those buttons have been filled in... if they have then to make a call to a sub prcedure.<BR><BR>Case 2 : &#039; this is one of the case selections<BR>For i = 1 To 10 &#039; This case i know has 10 radio buttons<BR>If Session("radiobutton" & i) = "" Then &#039; if they haven&#039;t filled<BR>response.write i @ it in then write out the button value<BR>response.write "&nbsp;" & "," &#039; and a comma<BR>else <BR>If Session("radiobutton" & i) &#060;&#062; EMPTY Then <BR><BR>****** This is what i tried earlier... this statement does ******select all the buttons that have been filled in, but i&#039;m ******trying find out if all of them have been filled in all 10<BR><BR>Call a2 @ this is what i want to call if they are all filled in <BR>response.end <BR>End If <BR>End If <BR>Next<BR><BR>Please any help would be much apprecited . Yesterday someonse suggested i detect the "on" "off" tag of the buttons... but my buttons look like this :<BR><BR>&#060;input type="radio" name="radiobutton28" value="e3"&#062;<BR><BR>... i&#039;m using the value tag for a calculation.<BR><BR>Thanks for reading this ! <BR><BR>