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    I am maintaining a database of news which is to be classified into various categories. These categories can go up to any level in terms of depth. For e.g. a particular news article may be classified in Companies-&#062;Mumbai-&#062;Petroleum-&#062;Reliance Petroleum as well as it may be classified into Corporate Action-&#062;Board Meetings-&#062;Annual General Meetings-&#062;Reliance Petroleum<BR><BR>How do I maintain a central classification master for this kind of structure. I should be able to retrive it in some kind of tree view for multiple selection also.<BR><BR>Regards<BR>Santosh

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    Default Isn't this really the same... the structure of a message board? Excepting only that a "message" may be in more that one "location" at the same time?<BR><BR>So if you had a "tree" of categories and then a many-to-many table linking categories to listings, doesn&#039;t that do it?<BR><BR>If you look at you will find at least one (and probably several?) discsussion of how to do message boards the right way (not the---shudder---way you usually see in this forum). Seems to me like most of the posts would apply to you as well.<BR>

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