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    Hello all,<BR><BR>Suppose I have a state drop down for USA and Canada. And one more drop down for Time zones which includes all the time zones for USA and Canada. And I want to make it such a way that when user selects a perticular state, time zone for it should be set for that state. <BR>Can I do it without hardcoding for each state ?<BR>State value i can trap as &#039;CA&#039; or &#039;OR&#039;. And time zones I have values like &#039;Alaska Standard Time&#039; or Central Standard Time&#039;.<BR><BR>Thanx in advance,Ani.

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    You would need to use Arrays to store details such as:<BR><BR> State<BR> TimeZone<BR> Offset to LocalTimezone<BR><BR>Although it&#039;s not very self explanatory you can take a peek at my JavaScript source code on this page to see how I calculate local times<BR><BR>http://flws.com.au/showusyourcode/codeLib/code/TimeMachine1.asp?CatID=2<BR><BR>HTH<BR>Darren

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