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    I&#039;m running IIS 5 with a couple of sites set up. On all but one of my sites, I&#039;m able to see specific errors in ASP code when they happen (ie "Variable not declared, line 115" type messages).<BR><BR>On one of the sites, it just displays a generic Error 500: Internal Server Error. I have that site set to display the specific error in Internet Services Manager, but it&#039;s not doing it. Can anyone tell me how to get it to show the specific error?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance!

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    weird. what you&#039;ve already done should do it - possibly it&#039;s not a script-engine related error...<BR><BR>j

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    Try this :<BR>Open Your Browser (IE), click<BR>"Tools",<BR>"Internet Options",<BR>"Advanced" ---&#062; uncheck "Show Friendly HTTP error messages"<BR>"OK"

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