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    Hi. <BR>I&#039;m developing a COM object for my website. I have a development server(not my PC).<BR>I&#039;ve got MS Visual Studio , SQL Server 7, the server is win2k server and my PC is NT4 Workstation.<BR>I&#039;m using a VB application to test the COM Object, but it isn&#039;t the same ;)<BR>How can I debug the COM Object while developing the asp pages?<BR>Is it possible, or I should just settle with the VB application, and after finishing the development of the COM, start to work with it on the asp pages?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Nicolas.

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    i&#039;m not a COM expert and my background is not VB, but I have written a component and modified a couple.<BR><BR>I always develop on my workstation (which is actually my laptop) which runs IIS on Win2K Pro.<BR><BR>While developing the component i constantly made changes and recompiled the DLL from Visual Basic, which registered it on my machine.<BR><BR>When ready to "go live" with the component, I registered the component on the servers (we use a cluster) and was good to go.

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