Hello all<BR><BR>My work has put me in charge of creating a online database for our staff and inventory. I have accomplished most of this using Access 2000 and ASP (with a little help from FrontPage 2000). One of the things my boss would like is to be able to see who (IP and user logged on) was the last person to enter a new person into this database or who updated a record last. I&#039;ve been able to sort of accomplish this. <BR><BR>Basically, I have added three new fields into my table "Employees" called "submitted_by_user", "submitted_by_ip", and "time_submitted". I used FrontPage 2000 to create the .asp page used for entering new employees into the database. Frontpage gives you the option of entering the persons IP, who they are logged on as, and the time the form was submitted. So basically when someone in our HR department hits my web page for entering a new employee, it will show me who they are logged onto their computer as, their IP, and what time they submitted this entry. All this information will appear in the same row as the record inside the table under those three fields I mentioned earlier.<BR><BR>My problem:<BR><BR>I have created another form page which will pull up a users record and allow a person to edit it and then click "update". My goal is to not only update the information of that users record but also the three fields (IP, user, and time). I have tried many things with out any success :(<BR><BR>For the sake of simplicity I&#039;m only working with the IP and logon name right now. I basically have something like this in my .asp update file:<BR>UserName = Request.ServerVariables("LOGON_USER")<BR>UserIP = Request.ServerVariables("REMOTE_ADDR")<BR><BR>My update SQL statement looks something like this before:<BR>UPDATE DISTINCTROW Employees SET last_name=&#039;::NewLastName::&#039;, blah blah blah WHERE SSN=&#039;::social_security_number::&#039;<BR><BR> I simply just added my new parameters with my new fields:<BR>UPDATE DISTINCTROW Employees SET last_name=&#039;::NewLastName::&#039;, blah blah blah, submitted_by_user=&#039;::UserName::&#039;, submitted_by_ip=&#039;::UserIP::&#039; WHERE SSN=&#039;::social_security_number::&#039;<BR><BR> I tested my variables by printing them to the screen.<BR>Your IP is &#060;%= UserIP %&#062; and your user name is &#060;%= UserName %&#062;.<BR>It printed the correct logon name and IP of the person submitting the form. The problem is that the information is not being entered into the database. Blank space is entered into the database overwriting the previous IP/username(from when record is entered) with nothing. All of the other information (Name, phone number, etc.) is updating fine, it always has been. I really am baffled by this, everything seems like it should work and I feel like I&#039;m missing something obvious.<BR><BR>ANY help with this would be greatly appreciated!!<BR><BR>Additional Info:<BR>Things I left out which I thought would be helpful to understand. The filename of the form is employee.asp(they get here from employeesearch.asp which passes there info and knows which record to pull up). When it is submitted it targets updateemployee.asp. This is where I have defined the variables and output them onto the confirmation screen and also where my SQL statement is at. I have also tried sending the IP and username through the form as invisible so they are sent when it is submitted, this did not work either. :(<BR>PLEASE help if you can =)<BR><BR>-Nerus-<BR>