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Thread: Server.ScriptTimeout

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    Default Server.ScriptTimeout

    Does anyone know of any problems with expanding the Server.ScriptTimeout variable from 90 seconds (default) to 120 seconds?<BR><BR>Any information would be most appreciated.<BR><BR>Regards,<BR>Mitchell<BR><BR>

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    Default None that i can think of

    but if you do have code that could take upto 3 min i would suggest you take a long and hard look at it to get it fixed. 3 min is a pretty long time.<BR><BR>

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    Default And actually....The *2* minutes that you....

    want to set it to is still 33% longer than standard, so if you&#039;re getting a lot of hits on that page, you are still increasing the server load considerably. <BR>Ak&#039;s idea about checking your code is a good one.

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