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    I would like to make sure that when people come to my site they are seeing the most curent news. I did see somthing about puting 'no-cashe' in the head but I am guessing that if I do that the images wont get cashe either. Can I make the images cached and not the asp? Have my cake and eat it too?

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    caChe, not caShe.<BR><BR>One sneaky trick: Doesn&#039;t work on the "front page" of your site, but you can make it work on every other page. In every URL you generate as a link to the next page(s), tack on a dummy "?foo=17237" where the number there is a random number! Now the user&#039;s browser won&#039;t see a prior version of that page as being the same URL, but the images will still have the same old URLs so they can stay cached.<BR><BR>

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    ASP doesnt get cashed. It executes on server.<BR>look at you site.<BR>then change something in your source and hit F5. You will se changes right away

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