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    If I host my site, I can use IIS Log File to find out how long the visitor stay in each of my pages.<BR><BR>But if I use a free ASP host, I can I do that?<BR>(The Webmaster will NOT do it for me, because I didn&#039;t pay them)<BR><BR>Thank you ALL.

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    The course you should take depends on 1. What your free ASP host will provide 2. How your website is designed.<BR><BR>IIS provides more options than just dumping user data into logfiles. You can also dump to databases where the data can be parsed and examined with custom ASP pages. This is dependant on your ISP and whether they&#039;ll do this for you.<BR><BR>Depending on your site design, you could also add an include to your pages that tracks a user through your site and writes this data to a DB or text file. You can set this option up outside of your ISP.<BR><BR>Both these options use system resources, so "choose wisely".

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