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    I am writing a ASP page to obtain an order status for customers. I have everything working except one thing. I want to be able to break out a certain field that contains tracking numbers. If the order is shipped UPS, then I&#039;ll show one message...if it is shipped USPS, then I&#039;ll show a different message. So this is what I have so far:<BR><BR>Response.Write objRS("ShipTrackNo")<BR>If objRS("ShipTrackNo") = &#039;1Z%&#039; Then<BR> Response.write blah blah blah<BR>Elseif<BR> objRS("ShipTrackNo") = &#039;EL%&#039; Then<BR> response.write blah blah blah<BR>Endif<BR><BR>I get an error with this though. Am I using the incorrect wildcard? Or can I not use the = sign?<BR><BR>Thanks for any help!!!

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    try <BR>if left(objrs("ShipTrackNo"),2)="1Z" then<BR> Response.write blah blah blah<BR>elseif left(objrs("ShipTrackNo"),2)="EL" then<BR> Response.write blah blah blah

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    Thanks so much!! It worked!!! That rocks!

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