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    Newby Guest

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    Guys - <BR>can you tell me how to spilt a string like "Newgif.gif" so that in one var I get "Newgif" and second variable in ".gif".<BR> <BR>Isn&#039;t it something to do with split.<BR><BR>

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    myvar = split("newgif.gif",".")<BR><BR>myvar[0] &#039;=newgif<BR>myvar[1] &#039;=gif

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    RobT Guest

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    myVar = "Newgif.gif"<BR>myVar2 = split(myVar,".")<BR><BR>response.write myVar2(0) & " " & myVar2(1)

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    NewBy Guest

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    ManyThanks for the quick response

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    Thomas Fuller Guest

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    It&#039;s really easy to use client side javascript but you may not be able to do that in this case, if you can do the follwing:<BR><BR>strTest = "newgif.gif"<BR><BR>aryTest = strTest.split(".")<BR><BR>RESULTS:<BR>aryTest[0] = newgif<BR>aryTest[1] = gif

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