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    kimberlyj Guest

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    Hi Everyone,<BR>Does anyone know of a quick an easy way (application, etc.) to graph information from a database? For example, creating a plot graph of earnings per day on a money vs. time that could be viewed in real time? Any help is appreciated!<BR>Thanks!<BR>Kimberly

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    bystander Guest

    Default Excel <eop>


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    if you want to do it in asp, here&#039;s a link to some info:

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    Default Little more info ....

    Yes excel is the way to go ....<BR>Go to Data &#062; Get External Data &#062; New Database Query to import your data into your spreadsheet (you will need to set up a DSN in Control Panel for your database). Then just use Excel&#039;s tools to create your graph/chart/etc ....

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    James W. Guest

    Default ASPFAQ #122

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    kimberlyj Guest

    Default RE: ASPFAQ #122- Thanks Everyone!

    Thank you all for sending me in great directions! Hope I can soon return the favor!<BR>Kimberly

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