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    I have a table in a database of contact names, I also have a form. I have a standard drop-down at the moment but it's too long-winded to scroll down and find the correct name. Is there a code that recognizes what the user enters letter by letter and slowly displays the record?
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    Default nothing really usable......

    though there&#039;s a concept tutorial on http://www.infinitemonkeys.ws/ somewhere<BR><BR>j

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    If I understand you correctly, you want a feature like Outlook Express has. As you type the target of the email, the name of a person in your address book is displayed that matches the text you type. <BR><BR>I&#039;ve tried implementing this before in a web page to no success. The major problem is that there is no easy way to partially highlight the form data programatically. You either select() it, or you don&#039;t. Because of this, the only way to do it is to maintain your own buffer in JavaScript of what the user types and have the entire form element highlighted using the select method on every key stroke if a matching element is found. If an element isn&#039;t found, the buffer should be written to the text box and the highlighting shouldn&#039;t be done. This sounds easy in theory, but there are tons of ways a user can put text in a textbox. They can type some stuff, then paste a little stuff, backspace for a bit, highlight the text, cut it, paste it at another position. It&#039;d take A LOT of testing to get this right.<BR><BR>Uhh, after all that. There are sensible alternatives. One such is to put a tooltip of the currently found record over the text box, or put it in the status bar, or have another read-only textbox and put it in there. You can put the found record basically anywhere you want except in the field the user is typing in. To take it a little further, you could implement a Control Key Stroke Sequence the user could use to paste in the currently found record (that&#039;d save a few mouse clicks and copy/paste). Like "PRESS CTRL+Q to use this record." or something like that.<BR><BR>Hope this gave you some ideas,<BR>Jeremy Lowery

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