ActiveX-DLL Corrupted...How Do I FIx It?

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Thread: ActiveX-DLL Corrupted...How Do I FIx It?

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    Troy Ackerman Guest

    Default ActiveX-DLL Corrupted...How Do I FIx It?

    Somehow I managed to mess up a dll or ActiveX. I can no longer connect to my database on my PWS testing machine. See the code and error below. I KNOW! it isn&#039;t the code...cause the code was working last time i checked. I must have installed or uninstalled some critical files. How do I get this fixed (without having to reinstall everything?)<BR><BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Troy Ackerman<BR><BR><BR><BR>CODE<BR>----------------------------<BR>Set objConn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")<BR>strConn ection = "DSN=realtydsn;Database=realty;UID=sa;PWD=;"<BR><B R>ERROR<BR>--------------<BR>Microsoft VBScript runtime error &#039;800a01ad&#039; <BR><BR>ActiveX component can&#039;t create object <BR>

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    Default not necessarily corrupted....

    unless you know something you haven&#039;t mentioned in the post.<BR><BR>try reinstalling MDAC from<BR><BR>j

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    Troy Ackerman Guest

    Default Thanks! (look here for sublink)

    I downloaded a 7.6 MB file from... and unzipped it. It quickly installed, and now I&#039;m not getting the error anymore.<BR><BR>Whohoo! Thanks Atrax.<BR><BR>Cheers,<BR>Troy Ackerman

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