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Thread: Upload with other datas..doubt..help

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    prakash Guest

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    Well I have few doubts<BR><BR>can I have more than one submit in a page at a time.<BR><BR>Like I am using a form for Uploading....which is no problem... but in the same page...I need to get the refernces to the file that is being uploaded...from the database.<BR><BR>What I would to know is can I submit....to different pages...<BR>UPload submit to x.asp<BR>and refrences submit to y.asp.<BR><BR>Is it possibe with ASP.<BR><BR>Kindly help me out..<BR><BR>Thanks in advance.<BR>

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    Al Bear Guest

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    Within html you can have two submit buttons on the page. in two seprate frames but you will be unable to submit to two diffrent pages at the same time.

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