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    .NET is to have a common language which can be used on platforms and can use the libraries of one lang in another.so why there is need to have different .NET languages such as ASP.NET,ASP.NET and so on?one is not enough?<BR>

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    did you bother reading up on any of this? .NET revolves around the CLR (common language runtime) - this isn&#039;t a language as you&#039;d know it, it&#039;s an intermediate bytecode rather like java for the JVM.<BR><BR>ASP.NET isn&#039;t a language, it&#039;s a framework<BR>VB.NET<BR>C#<BR>Python.NET<BR>Perl.NE T are languages, and developers don&#039;t like being dictated to on what language they use. If M$ didn&#039;t offer multiple language support, .NET would be dead in the water. think about it, genius.

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