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    I have two forms..<BR>1st form where users fill in the fields, the info gets sent to the database<BR>with an email confirmation (jmail). Cool.<BR><BR>2nd form, same as above, only with an added &#039;file field&#039; for users to upload<BR>images to my site (using asp upload). With this form no info is sent to the<BR>database, no email confirmation sent. Not cool.<BR><BR>Why won&#039;t this work?!<BR>(By the way, form 2 works fine without jmail)<BR>If you can be arsed..my rough examples are here<BR><BR>Simple form- http://www.fuerte.tv/newuser.asp<BR>Upload form- http://www.fuerte.tv/newuser2.asp<BR>

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    Default probs using component

    http://dougdean.com/<BR><BR>i&#039;ve used his free upload component before; works great. <BR><BR>reading through his tutorial there was some wierd workaround regarding calling BinaryRead after using Request.Form collection.

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