Hello, I know the redirect for asp but I cannot get it to work with any form validation. here is the goal.<BR><BR>Name<BR>Email<BR><BR>Question with Radio Buttons<BR>(This answer determins the redirect)<BR><BR>What is the...<BR>(Text box)<BR><BR>And also...<BR>(Text box)<BR><BR>HOwever, the values, even with my cookies, do not save the values, and if the redirects work, not only are the values not saved, the form still submits even if all the fields are empty.<BR><BR>I can save form value on normal asp forms, but when I want to use redirect, it&#039s busted. Problem is the redirect option is in place of the &#039name&#039 and what usually goes in the "name" for the form value is in "value", thus the response page loses that info.<BR><BR>Help would be seriously apprecited. <BR><BR>Thank you very much!<BR>Joel