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    Default Incorrect syntax near '='

    What&#039;s wrong with this code???? I get the Incorrect syntax near &#039;=&#039; when trying to execute, but my novice eyes can&#039;t pick up the error!<BR><BR>SQL = "Update Rescues Set OrganizationName = &#039;"&OrganizationName&"&#039; Where [ID] = "&GroupID&""<BR>MyConn.Execute(SQL)<BR>

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    Default Bills mantra...check, check, check

    SQL = "Update Rescues Set OrganizationName = &#039;"&OrganizationName&"&#039; Where [ID] = "&GroupID&""<BR><BR>after that try doing this:<BR><BR>Response.Write SQL<BR><BR>to actually see what&#039;s going on. Then post the results of the Response.Write if you are still having problems.

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    Default agree

    then, copy and paste that sql into query analazer

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    Default RE: Bills mantra...check, check, check

    THANK YOU!! I was able to identify the problem....I&#039;ll remember to check using the Response.Write next time I have a problem. Since I&#039;m learning out of a book, many of the "basics" are new to me and your time to kindly redirect me is very much appreciated!

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