why do people ask stupid questions?

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Thread: why do people ask stupid questions?

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    Default why do people ask stupid questions?


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    Default RE: why do people ask stupid questions?

    just to annoy people just like you

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    Default But you are the king idiot

    with Xanderno, uprightmonkey, topramen, and the rest on this board

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    Default RE: But you are the king idiot

    You are an ***!<BR><BR>&#060;remark intended for the putz who used a dot for his name&#062;

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    Default case closed

    seems you just joined them. I must leave before I become as stupid as this board!

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    Default RE: case closed

    Don&#039;t you realize that realize that by calling everyone idiots, you are openly inviting attack? And making yourself look like a bigger idiot than those you&#039;re accusing?<BR><BR>When calling someone an idiot, you must be able to provide ample support for your claim.<BR><BR>What question was stupid? Why was it stupid? Why is august an idiot for her reply to you?<BR><BR>Proof! Proof man! You need to be able to support your arguments, else you are a mere, lone moron screaming out in the middle of nowhere with nothing to stand on and nothing with which to shield yourself.<BR><BR>Please understand that!<BR><BR>P.S. Furthermore, if you wanted to say that august was the chiefest of idiots by using a monarchical term to express her magnitude of idiocy, it would have been more accurate to call her the "queen" of idiots (no intended offense, august).

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    Default The prime example.......

    This is the stupidest question I&#039;ve seen on this board in a long time.<BR><BR>Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.

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    Default Where'd he go?

    I was just getting warm.

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    Default RE: case closed

    he, she, heshe, whatever. do you have a crush? computer women are as big as geeks as computer men, and uglier. if it is not someone asking something stupid, it is 1 of you 3 playing around with each other. if you must, why not use email? or a telephone? then you can play these stupid games.<BR><BR>goodbye.

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    Default RE: The prime example.......

    then get out a little more. people in here are by far stupider. go defend your girlfriend in my other post.

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