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    radley25 Guest

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    Help me, i'm wondering how to make it so when a user submits a form, it submits all the info to a txt file. I'm doing this so on the website I can post news through the web. I'll have the news viewed by using a <!--#include file="news.txt"-->

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    Tony Guest

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    Upon submission, format your data to how you&#039;d like it to appear in the text file, then invoke the Scripting.FileSystemObject and use it to shove the data into your text file.<BR><BR>HTH,<BR><BR>~~ Tony

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    FSO with text files would work.....................but what&#039;s wrong with a good juicy database?

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    radley25 Guest

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    I would, but i dont know which database to use. I heard access is good, but i dont have that money to spend. Any suggestions?

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