I have to use a cookie session on a project where credit card processing takes the user to a new domain. My question is this. Can I have a redirect based on the value of 2 cookies?<BR>I have the following script, but If I use "End If"..I receive an error of: Expected "End". If I use "End", I receive an error of: Expected "If"<BR><BR>&#060;%@Language="VBScript"%&#062;<BR> &#060;%Option Explicit%&#062;<BR>&#060;%<BR>Request.Cookies("RRR ")<BR><BR>If Request.Cookies("RRR")= "Candidate" Then<BR> Response.Redirect "rrr.asp"<BR><BR>If Request.Cookies("RRR")= "Employer" Then<BR>Response.Redirect "jobmail.asp"<BR><BR>If Request.Cookies("RRR")&#060;&#062; "Candidate" OR "Employer" Then<BR>Response.Redirect "../default.htm"<BR><BR>End If<BR>%&#062;