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    I have a registration form and would like to let users to fill out and submit. I don&#039;t want the data directly to be entered into the database. Instead, once they submit the form, I&#039;ll get an email telling me someone has registered and I&#039;ll go to the page to review and then insert the information into the database.<BR>I think this can be done but I&#039;m kinda new and haven&#039;t mastered the asp enough to know how. I used to use netcloak on a mac server and I could let users to submit their articles, news, and recipes and after reviewing, I posted them on our web site.<BR>To those experts, please give me some advice.<BR>Thanks a lot!<BR>Wang<BR>P.S.: You can also email me at

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    I assume that you just don&#039;t want a user to be able to post information to a Web site before it is checked by someone. You can do this simply by putting it into the database but setting a field, say Live, to 0 at first. When the user sumits there content you send an email to the administrator using CDONTS. This email could have a link to an admin page where the Live flag of an article could be altered and set to 1. Obviously, you only display content on the Web site that has a Live falg of 1.<BR><BR>Ross

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