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    Hi, I have two tables that I need to pull information from. Unfortunetly, they are joined by the data of a third table. Example: Teams.Name, Teams.Team_ID -&#062; Members.Team_ID, Members.Emp_ID (for Role_ID 1 only) -&#062; Emp.Emp_ID, Emp.Name.<BR><BR>What I need is the Teams.Name and the Emp.Name. Also, I need all of the Teams.Name even if they don&#039t show up in the other tables. I have made the following query, but it only gives me teams that have employee names tied to them. Please take a look at it and see if you can help. Thanks in advance.<BR><BR>SELECT per_Teams.Team_Name,<BR> per_Teams.Team_ID, <BR> per_Personnel.Emp_Full_Name <BR>FROM per_Teams <BR>LEFT JOIN per_Team_Membership <BR> ON per_Teams.Team_ID=per_Team_Membership.Team_ID <BR>LEFT JOIN per_Personnel <BR> ON per_Personnel.Emp_ID = per_Team_Membership.Emp_ID <BR>WHERE per_Team_Membership.Role_ID=1"<BR><BR><BR>Brandon.

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    After the last line:<BR>WHERE per_Team_Membership.Role_ID=1<BR>you can try to add this:<BR>OR per_Team_Membership.Role_ID Is Null<BR><BR>Hope it helps.

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