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    After the user submitted a registration form and all his data store in access database, after that how can the system will automatic send him a confirmation email?<BR><BR>I can store all the data into database, but HOW can it auto send him a confirmation email!?

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    You can use CDONTS object new mail for sending the mail after the data goes into database .You can call the following code after the databse is updated.<BR>Sub sendmail( fromWho, Subject, Body )<BR>Set myMail = Server.CreateObject( "CDONTS.Newmail" )<BR> myMail.From = fromWho<BR> myMail.To = ""<BR> myMail.Subject = Subject<BR> myMail.Body = Body<BR> myMail.Send<BR> Set myMail = Nothing<BR>End Sub <BR> <BR>Subject = "Problem"<BR>fromWho = Request.Form ("txtEmail")<BR>Body = "dear user Thank you for registration" <BR><BR>sendmail fromWho, Subject, Body<BR>

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