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    Hi,<BR>I am trying to chagne passwords for the users from the web browsers using IIS 5.0. Is anyone, knows about that, please help me.<BR><BR>I am using the Basic Authentication to recognize the user credentials. What are all the settings required to chagne the passwords?<BR><BR>Help me out in this, it&#039;s urget requirement.<BR>Thanks in advacne

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    No one posted to this, so I&#039;d thought I&#039;d give it a shot even thought I&#039;m not an expert in this subject and there may be a better way of doing this.<BR><BR>In IIS 4.0 changing user passwords is a capability of ADSI (A add-in and free download from micrsoft. I would take a look at the WROX ASP/ADSI programming reference, it contains specific requirements and procedures to implament this. I&#039;m not sure at this time whether IIS 5.0 works the same way.<BR><BR>Another note: Basic Authentication should be used only when absolutely required. Passwords are not encrypted and are readable on the connection. You should reconsider this type of authentication as it is considered an open invitation to intruders.

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