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    I have the database table field Product_Information. I have the asp-page and there the form whereby I can insert product&#039;s information to the database. This text have to be html-form and I have to use <BR>, &#060;b&#062;&#060;/b&#062; and &#060;i&#062;&#060;/i&#062; html-tags. So I can copy and paste text to this form but I have to fix the text by html-tags. Is there any free tool or asp-component or some other way to do this copy-paste-fix with html-tags-insert text to database process so that I don&#039;t have to fix texts with html-tags (It would happen autimatically)

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    Default Yep...Use the replace function.....

    It&#039;s in the VBScript docs on the left nav bar.<BR><BR>The syntax is something like this...<BR>text = Replace(text, vbCrLf, "&LT;br&#062;") for an html line break for instance.<BR>Again....<BR>text = Replace(text, textToReplace, replacementText)

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