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    Christiaan Guest

    Default Keeping the address-bar clean

    Does anyone know how i can keep the domain displayed in the address-bar without any directories or filenames following? like &#039

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    Kautuk Guest

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    Try using frames. Say make a default asp page and divide it into two frames row wise say frame1 and frame2 . The upper frame(frame1) can have the title of your website and your asp page would be in the in frame2. All the navigation should be done in frame2 by adding target=frame2 in the form post event if you use submit , or else <BR>&#060;A href="nextpage.asp?" target=frame2 &#062;&#060;/a&#062; if you are using hyperlinks or get method in the form action event.<BR>The web page should look like this.<BR>-------------------------<BR>&#124 frame1 <BR>-------------------------<BR>&#124 <BR>&#124Frame2 <BR>&#124 <BR>&#124 <BR>&#124 <BR>-------------------------<BR>Now only the websitename would be visible.<BR><BR>

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    I you leave an index.htm on the server root and use serverside direction Response.redirect("newpage.htm") combined with javascript clientside redirection (instead of anchor HREF links) location.replace("newpage.htm") then I don&#039t see why you couldn&#039t keep the location bar clean. The start page on the root can be set to anything you like (IIS setting I think), but is usually index.htm or default.htm.

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    Kautuk&#039s answer is a good one. But if you don&#039t want to have the top frame, just make the index (or default) page have one frame instead of two. Then just set the base target to this frame and set the borders of the frame to 0.<BR><BR>If you need any more help email

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