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    Does this board check my computer&#039;s local time (east coast) to put the times on the Board posts? Or are they all in East Coast time regardless of the viewer. I&#039;m wondering if this is something that can be scripted. I envision a sub or class<BR><BR>localdate = localdate(date) etc...<BR><BR>This is a bit beyond me but maybe...

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    Default Always stored with EDT/EST...

    ...no matter where in the world the poster is.<BR><BR>Here&#039;s a question for you: How could you *KNOW* the local time for the person posting?<BR><BR>Not too hard, but you have to go outside ASP.<BR><BR>It&#039;s 7:20 PM here.<BR>

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    Default Thats your secret.

    Always wondered how you could stay up so late helping others out. All those late night posts I saw & thinking you must only get a couple hrs sleep before work again. LOL<BR>Regardless Bill, all your time & help here has been top notch!<BR>Thanks for everything.<BR>Roger

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