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    How can I make my queries in ASP with MSAccess run faster online? Many people who are going to use the site I&#039;m working on are not going to have the fastest connections. <BR>Indexing? I appreciate any help.

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    Default Connection speed doesn't matter...

    The *only* thing the connection speed affects is how fast the HTML that the ASP page generates is sent back to the user. It has *NOTHING* to do with how fast the query executes. So just send less HTML to your users and they&#039;ll get it faster. In other words, don&#039;t put in .jpg or .gif or flash or or or. Text is the fastest thing you can send.<BR><BR>Now, as to making Access run faster: Indexes, yes. Always. But be smart about it. No point in indexing a field you will never use as the basis of a query.<BR><BR>If things get too slow, you may have to change databases. Many have reported that MySQL is pretty fast, and it&#039;s free. But it almost surely will mean some restructuring of your SQL code.<BR><BR>

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    ok, this will give me (or rather my web pages) a boost. I&#039;ll remove the jpg on the screen, and of course index the key and foreign fields. But the idea you provided, switching to MySQL, is also a possibility in the not too distant future. <BR>Thanks for your help!

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