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    1. Is there anyway to have an "alt" text on mouseover for a link (as in image)???<BR>2. Is there any way to make the "alt" text to be display in more than 1 line???<BR>if you have a code to do that, please email it as well to<BR><BR>thanks, Avner.

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    Use the title attribute for tooltips. Title works in images, links, divs, etc. <BR><BR>As an aside, you should NOT be using alt text for tooltips. Alt text is meant to provide a description of the image for people who are surfing with images turned off or who can&#039;t see the images. Like blind people using screen readers. In many cases a well written alt tag lends itself to being a tooltip also, but you have to keep it&#039;s intended use in mind when you write it.

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