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    I&#039;m currently pushing 12megabits of information on IIS 5/Win2k.<BR><BR>I&#039;m getting sever packet loss and I believe its IIS/Win2k not being able to keep up.<BR><BR>Can anyone point me in the right direction for a tutorial on setting up IIS to push that much data?

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    sounds like a lot, but you haven&#039;t told us whether you&#039;re talking per second, per minute, per day, what? if it&#039;s really that high you&#039;re probably looking at clustering - try looking on http://www.iisfaq.com/ <BR><BR>it&#039;s heavily dependent on a lot of things - network connection speed, processor speed, IIS version (4 or 5), RAM, disk space, filesystem and so on and so on such a general question really can&#039;t be answered here. I&#039;d also advise buying a book on IIS admin...<BR><BR>j

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