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    Can I create a complete Data Base with all its tables, queries,<BR>and data storage and retievial using only ASP [HTML + VB script]?<BR><BR>without SQL, nor any DataBase application, like Access?!!

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    You can&#039;t create the *DATABASE* from inside ASP, but once you already have a database, you can create tables, indices, etc., etc., from ASP-only code.<BR><BR> do *NOT* have to purchase anything to create a database. The ODBC or ODBC32 control in your Control Panel can do that for you. It will create several kinds of DBs, as you wish, but the best to use would be an ".mdb" file (compatible with Access!).<BR><BR>To do this, bring up the ODBC(32) control, ask to create a new "System DSN", and when it lets you browse for the db file to associate with the DSN, click on the "create" (or "add new", I forget which) button instead! You then specify a path and file name and presto, you have a ready-to-use DB.<BR><BR> actually *use* the DB, you&#039;ll have to use SQL statements to do things like "CREATE TABLE..." and much more. But the SQL driver that comes with the "JET" drivers (which come with every MS operating system from Windows 3.1 on up) is a pretty good one and pretty flexible and you don&#039;t need to buy anything else.<BR><BR>Note that this is a *LOT* tougher way to go (no "Help" files, no wizards, no interactive test of queries, etc., etc.) than just giving in and buying a copy of Access97, which can be had *legitimately* for under $50. Heck, you can usually find the entire Office97 for $60 or so, legit.<BR><BR>

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