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    I am trying to enter info into a database based on the date but it isnt working. Anyone who may help is greatly appreciated. Here is my code. <BR><BR>If Time() &#060;= CDate("12:00 AM") Then <BR>rsQuery("count") = rsQuery("count") + 1 <BR>rsQuery("date") = Date() <BR>rsQuery.Update <BR>Else <BR>rsQuery.AddNew <BR>rsQuery("count") = rsQuery("count") + 1 <BR>rsQuery("date") = Date() <BR>rsQuery.Update

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    repost hater Guest

    Default STOP REPOSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    Default what is not working?<eop>


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    i dont use () after date.<BR><BR>i used rs("temp")=int(date), though you probably just need<BR><BR>rs("temp")=date [i didn&#039;t want the time - it was causing me formatting problems later]<BR><BR>I&#039;m not really an expert at this stuff, but that&#039;s how I got the current date into a record.

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