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    Hi we are using windows 2000 with IIS 5.0 as our webserver. I am trying to send email through asp program. I downloaded the third party components available over the web and tried using them. But its not working. The problem is like this. We have a firewall(PROXY) in between our mail server and webserver. when sending an email through asp, it is trying to connect mail server through PROXY with IWAM_INET user account which is local to the webserver. PROXY is rejecting this request because its not identifying the user. Now I have two questions.<BR><BR>1) How can I change the userID used by my component while connecting to mail server through proxy. I tried using credtool command. It worked fine in one of our test server working on winNT but not windows 2000.<BR>2) Is there any way that we can give access to the local account, IWAM_INET at the PROXY. <BR><BR>Any help is greately appreciated. Thanks. Hari Potti

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