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    Hi,<BR><BR>I&#039m using an ActiveX calender object on a page, with which the user can select a date(for an appointment). This object is contained in a form, and when it is submitted, the user is sent to a page where this date is inserted into an Access database. However, I don&#039t want the user to see this page, so I&#039ve added a Response.Redirect which points back to the page with the appointment list (this is the page from which the user can reach the page with the calender object). This list is generated from the Access database I&#039m using. However, the appointment list that shows up after the redirect does NOT contain the information that was just added; it needs to be manually refreshed first to show the update. Anyone got any ideas on how to circumvent the need for a manual refresh?<BR><BR>And something else... does anybody know if it&#039s possible to read information from the windows registry using ASP? And if so, how?

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    use response.expires = 0 on the top of the page

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