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    I have created a simple ActiveX DLL component which I am running locally on a Windows2000 machine. When I created the component I checked the &#039;Binary Compatibility box&#039;, however whenever I recompile the component I have to restart my machine to relinquish the old version. I thought by setting the component property to Binary Compatibility, this would prevent me from having to do this! Any suggestions?<BR><BR>many thanks.

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    let me tell you what *I* do.<BR><BR><BR>I start with poroject compatibility while i am developing...why? cause i would liek it to be known that that class id can change and continue to do so till i am ready to put it into production.<BR><BR>then i change it to bianary compatibility and change it.<BR><BR>the only think i can think of is you have some appliaction open which is refrencing that component and so obviously you cannot compile it.<BR><BR>

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