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    I have text coming from a form which contains apostrophes. I store this data in a variable, then add it to a database. Because of the apostrophe, there is a problem executing that line of SQL code. For example:<BR><BR>&#039;" & text & "&#039;<BR><BR>is not executed properly because an apostropohe appears inside the conversion syntax and throws off the computer. Is there a way to correct this?

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    I think u need to double up the &#039;<BR><BR>replace(variable,"&#039;","&#039;&#0 39;")<BR><BR>

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    Default Replace (vbscript)

    Try <BR><BR>Replace of vbscript

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    You will have to do a replace using VBScript. Replace the apostrophe with something like a ~ or somethig then use the variable. If you want to display it later on a page then you can just do another replace and change the ~ back to an apostrophe.

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