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    Steve Rowson Guest

    Default Missing memo data

    When I display a memo field from an Access 2000 db only the first 255 characters display on the Active Server Page. How can I get all the field to display. It is definitely a memo field not a text field.

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    naik Guest

    Default RE: Missing memo data

    where are you displaying inside the container...???

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    naik Guest

    Default well thats what a textbox takes...

    well the max for an textbox is 255 I guess...<BR><BR>why dont you use a table and with recordset, and show the details form the memo...I think this should work

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    Steve Rowson Guest

    Default RE: well thats what a textbox takes...

    I am using a recordset - thats what the memo field is returned in! But, when I display it on the page, only the first 255 characters are displayed. In fact, I have three recordsets on the page that display the same data under different conditions. Two of them display memo fields okay, but the third only displays 255 characters. I don&#039;t want to use a text box and, even if I do, still only 255 characters are displayed.

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    Default A couple of things

    I remember reading somewhere that there is a bug in the retrieval of memo fields. I don&#039;t remember the exact conditions that cause it, but the solution was to make sure:<BR><BR>a) that the memo field is the last in your recordset.<BR>b) that you read the value into a variable before displaying it.<BR><BR>Also, how are you displaying it? Are you putting it in a textarea or just onto the Html with a response.write? Have you checked the contents to see if there is any weird data in there?

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    Steve Rowson Guest

    Default I fixed it

    Thanks for answers. The memo field is just written straight to the page. It was on the one side of a one-to-many join - so effectively is being duplicated however many times there are records on the many side. There must be something in-built to ADO that truncates the field automatically in this situation. Other recordsets on the page that had no join display the memo fields fine without having to set them to a variable. You are right about the memo field needing to be the last in you select statement - God knows why!

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