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    I want my users to copy/ paste information from MS- Word into a textarea in rich text format. The text contains special symbols like alpha, beta etc. which are from the "Symbol" font. This would be stored in a database. The normal HTML textarea does not directly support copy/ pasting formatted text. The user would have to actually specify the font everywhere these special characters are required, which would be very tedious. Is there any component which I can use as a form entry field for formatted text. SOmething similar to Yahoo Mail formatted message version is required.<BR><BR>Regards<BR>Santosh

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    You have to create your own component with ActiveX to do this.

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    Default Its possible without components, with IE5+!

    Check this article: . Otherwise I know that "Adminimizer" (search for it on does exactly this. I think theres a free version of it for noncommercial use.

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