i have to formulate a query in which i have to determine a list of employees available during a given time period.<BR>The availability is checked by the % utilization which is different for each employee who can work on more than one project. The % utilization gets added up during a period that is common in the current projects that he/she is currently working on.i have to find out the employees who are available within a given time period and whose % utlization is &#060; 100.<BR>My tables is Employeeproject in which the fields are<BR>EmpId-foreign Key id that belongs to the employee table.<BR>ProjId-foreign Key id that belongs to the project table.<BR>Note: One Employee can work on multiple projects at the same time so the actual structure of the table is<BR><BR>Empid ProjId ProjRole %utilization startdate enddate Projstatus<BR> 91 62 tester 40 01/01/2001 03/31/2001 In Progress <BR> 91 63 Programmer 60 02/02/2001 08/31/2001 In Progress <BR> <BR>likewise there are N number of employees who are currently working on different projects each under different start dates and end dates.so if i need to find out the availability of employees within any given time period with a start date and an end date.i should get the list of employees along with their remaining %utilization which is calculated from the entered start date and end date.<BR><BR>the result i should get is <BR>empid %utilization( remaining utlization during the period that we&#039;ve asked for)<BR> 91 30<BR>