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    Ok, there is a small problem with my syntax, I need the clause value to be the value of the form. I created a variable of it called &#039;strAuthor &#039; I have tested every thing I just dont know how to include it.. <BR><BR>Can you tell me what is wrong please /?<BR> <BR>strRSAuthor.source = "SELECT * FROM author where author_id =(SELECT max(author_id) FROM author where author_name = &#039;& strAuthor &&#039; )"<BR><BR>I know its the way I included : author_name = &#039;& strAuthor &&#039; )"

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    author_name = &#039;" & strAuthor & "&#039;)"

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    Thanks very much, thats something I will make a note of. Most appreciate the quick response

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