How secure R session Variables?

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Thread: How secure R session Variables?

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    I am using session variables as a means of authentication to certain areas of my site. However, I was just wondering if it is a fact that it is impossible to "hijack" a session variable. How does IIS associate a session variable to the viewer? Does IIS use IP addresses to know who is who? If so, would this mean that if someone with a session variable loged off their dial-up connection and someone else dialed up and snatched their IP address, that they would be able to access the session variable.??<BR><BR>Just something I was pondering about. Let me know if you know anything about this.<BR><BR>THanks,<BR>Chris

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    They never leave the server, so they&#039;re more secure than cookies.<BR><BR>IIS tracks them by the Session ID (you can find this number by using Session.SessionID)<BR><BR>Don&#039;t fret.

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