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    Do you happen to have an example of connecting to MySQL (or even SQL Server) using JDBC? I&#039;ve been racking myself all day long. EVERY example I run across is throwing me errors. I&#039;ve downloaded the MySQL drivers from their website. I can&#039;t even talk to Access... <BR><BR>This is all new to me. I never had to worry about this low level of programming... Why can&#039;t they make it simple?<BR><BR>I could do a connection using the com.ms.wfc.data.* package, but I&#039;m kinda scared that won&#039;t be cross platform (they&#039;re the only connections that seem straight forward).<BR><BR>Do you have an example?<BR><BR>Tired, wornout, bloodshot, MySQL&Linux Hating Desert Ghost

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    Bill.Wilkinson@Sun.Com<BR><BR>And the answer is a qualified "yes."<BR><BR>

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